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Lifelong learning projects

LdV Mobility Project VETPRO 2009-2011

The aim of the project was to visit four organisations aimed at long-term rehabilitation, care and support, from four different EU countries (UK, Ireland, France and Belgium) in order to maximise learning from other experiences, provide with more practical knowledge, compare different systems of delivery of ABI services and identify solutions for certain problems and gaps within the context of ABI rehabilitation, care and support. Through these visits to different locations more qualitative and broader comprehension of what, how and why ABI rehabilitation, care and support is working, has been achieved.

Study visit 2012

In March 2012 Center Zarja organised a study visit called “Where does our brain drive?”. During a 5-day visit we hosted 10 professionals from 9 different European countries.

Study visit programme.pdf
Group report.pdf

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