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Center Zarja has three day centres providing “guidance, care and employment under special conditions”, which refers to a combination of:
-follow-on intensive rehabilitation to primary rehabilitation,
-specialised therapeutic services to regain independence and maintain already acquired skills,
-community based activities to readjust to life in the community,
-meaningful and purposeful occupational activities to develop work skills and habits,
-lifelong learning opportunities.
The approach at day centres is flexible, person-centred and depends on a person’s changing abilities, support needs, wishes and personal goals, allowing the person to transition between different programmes.


Residential units offer assisted living for persons with acquired brain injury who for different reasons cannot live in their home environment or independently. We have two units at separate locations in Ljubljana, which provide specialised support based on individual needs, goals, abilities and wishes. Assisted living supports and promotes independence and equalisation of opportunities within the community.
Throughout the day, residents attend one of Zarja’s day centres.


Case management provides a single contact point for services required by a person with ABI. The Case Manager:
-coordinates and supports services,
-provides one to one support for the person,
-may give support and information to family and carers.

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