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Center for Persons with Acquired Brain Injury Zarja was established in 1993. We are the oldest and largest private organisation providing tailor-made rehabilitation, care and support programmes for persons with acquired brain injury (ABI). Currently, we provide our services to 70 service users aged between 18 and 65.


An acquired brain injury is damage to the brain, which occurs after birth and is not related to:
-a congenital disorder,
-a developmental disability or
-a process which progressively damages the brain.
The damage may be caused:
-traumatically (i.e. from an external force such as a collision, fall, assault or sports injury),
-through a medical problem or disease process which causes damage to the brain (internal process or pathology).
According to available data, every year an estimated 10,000 Slovenians suffer acquired brain injury. Effects of ABI vary from one person to another. Some individuals may recover relatively well, while other may experience major life-altering affects.


Center Zarja provides a wide range of programmes of long-term rehabilitation and services for independent living for persons with acquired brain injury. Our holistic and integrated professional approach is based on respect, cooperation and individuality of each and every person. We emphasize the persons’ abilities rather than disabilities with the aim to improve their quality of life and to enable their active participation in society. We respond to the needs of society by providing ABI prevention programmes, counselling and training programmes, and by developing new programmes and services.

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